Sunday, February 8, 2009

i need to be brave!!

i read a gal's blogs who face almoz same problem with me..
but she was so brave and strong..
for me, i juz a nervouse and ego in love..

on friday, i went to his house,
everything are same..except him..
i sense his difference..never think i will feel he is secretive.
but nt secretive to me, jz can sense..he more secretive than before..
i duno how to treat him,bcz i still like him so much..
before i meet with him, i was so panic ..haih..
he awes make feel heart attack..
huhu...why i will be like this??
i almoz going gg everytime i wan to meet him..

and his sister told me, he might go study abroad next year..
:( i duno wat can i do for him??
i feel nervouse to give special for him..
like this coming valentine, i hope to prepare him a gift.
but when i went there, i was panic and keep pinch my fren..
heart attack..i duno shud i do tat for him..
i jz wan to let him know i like him so much..
i dun wan be nervouse anymore..
but how??

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