Sunday, August 23, 2009

DeC1s1on MaK1nG

My 3rD Mth holiday going end Soon!!
so fast~~bt busy busy busy and busy for the whole holiday
it doesnt seem like a holiday i shud have
but no choice, this is the life i have in this 4Mths hol1day

tat day i sent a profile for a job which i found in
the agent is from manila..her name aliyasinthya
she is going to hire me as their model
she sponsors 60% in create my portfolio
and i'm goinb to be trained and become their model
now i have to prepare myself for my portfolio shooting
it sounds interesting..the photographer named Wish.
he has 7-8 yrs experience in photographer
i hope i can reach their expectation or do better than their expectation
if i reali start this career, i will continue it for the following life

my life become more n more exiciting and happening
i keep improve myself in different career such as freelance job,modelling,insurance, and being a good n brilliant student,a children for my parent and family
my life partner and UL sick recently, hope they can recover soon
they having their busy life as me in different prospective

UL getting busy than b4, he might not have much more time tat can spend with me
now we might only meet each other once a week..i think will meet each other twice per mth
he busy for his career,his sister website, his own learning centre, his frens...etc...
since he has so busy life, i will oso start my busy life sooner..
ytd nite, i told him about my portfolio creation..
he din disagreed but he asked bout the photographer
sorry dear, i'm not reali know about him
he is arrange by my agent from manila

when i chat with Wish, i'm jz like a kid for him..
bcz i keep ask alot of question
mayb scare be cheat again, so haha..i'm a kid for him
start from now, i have to learn how to talk as a model
i will be train about the basic pose, catwalk, stand, and everything
i hope i won disappointed aliya
and i also hope i can walk out my own modelling road
this is a another beginning in my life for me..
and i am a beginner for all this..
**good luck


raine said...

sorry my dear fren.. long time no come..i also long time no update my blog =.= too busy...
btw...wish u good luck... show me ur portfolio pic ar!! haha

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