Friday, November 6, 2009

totally down!!

sorethroat make me absent and missed the group discussion
UL make me cant get to buy my mp3 today
he make me felt disppointed today
why he cant do easy thing for me
whatever i request jz a very little and easy request
he always 4get it
today he brought me to ole-ole bali
spend about 100bucks
we chit chat and he knows i having a bad bad mood when having dinner
he never remember my stuff
i jz wan to buy my mp3
i jz wan you bring me to night market for some favourite food
i jz wan you watch the movie i like
i jz wan you remember to bring me for food when i was hungry
i jz hope we can have a holiday together in some special place
why you never understand all this
are you unable to do simple n easy thing
i duno whether you understand i really sad and down when you asked me tat question
although you know that i wasnt happy with your behavior
i never asked anything which you dont like
because i know you wont try to do it for me
i'm also lazy and force you to do so
if we dont spend time together after you work
i really dont know who r you to me
mayb someday i realize that i dont really need you with me
i will let you go
if you wana leave you can neither let me know
i will not stop you

do you really like me
do you really wan to spend your time with me
sometime i know that you really care about me
but what i want is jz some simple thing
mayb is too hard for you to do simple n easy thing
su*ks man
i duno what to say on you anymore
i really hope we can have a good time with each other
but i really cant get your mind and neither you to me
i dont need a brand thing
i jz need your heart
dun pretend you dont care
i wan the feeling during your birthday
i have my limit and dont get over it
i will never give the 2nd chance
i care you but you will never know since you never took my words in serious


✿♥豆豆♥✿ said...

u can try to tell him wat u want tell him again n againla..

cuz communication is needed to maintain couple's relationship..
dear..let urself calm down..dun be too stressed la...

jiayou.. said...

u know i dont like to repeat my words more than 3 times de la..
once the 3rd time then i won ask anymore de la
but i'm ok le la
mayb i cant get to buy my mp3
so i so piss off
but nvm la..i wil get a free one

✿♥豆豆♥✿ said...

rich lady la u ~

hoihoi~join my fan page..
fast fast~

ask more ppl join!!

n see my new pic!
see pretty o not~hahaha