Sunday, May 9, 2010

now is 3.14am midnite
i havent sleep and i duno why
maybe i was struggle about my best fren
i'm not in her list anyway which without reason
again and again it happened
i so frustuated about this action

sometime i wonder..
am i difficult to mix around?
bcoz recently i found i less contact with my fren
and i duno what to chat with them
we have different topic
maybe we have different life standard
most of them are from rich background
or bcoz we having different life
i'm studying but you doing other than me

background and life
would these two reasons caused us separate apart even we are so close?

i really tired of these thingz
so sorry that i just leave it and concentrate for my final

the only happy thing i have is my dear ul
the one temporary never make me upset too much
and always stay with me
that nite i sent him a msg
the content is "nothing gonna change my love for you"
do you think he would understand?
i hope so
at least i felt his heart when i see him
sweet and warm


Michelle Tan Yi Shin said...

dont think soo much lar.. still got me ler.. my DEAR MONKEY~ ^^ said... dear..i solve it ady
i msg her in facebook..
she said nothing..