Saturday, June 26, 2010

bad day

ytd afternoon, i went for a photoshoot with my ul,his sister and jess..
such a bad experience under the camera
old pose, and high yoga pose
so sorry i cant get to pose it
refuse to continue after 6th shoots.

my ul blame me bcoz i gave them a bad image
bad image= i being rude when i feedback(but not rude word)
anyway, he wasnt happy about this
but i really cannot take the "tomboy" photographer
i felt she was rude when she teach me pose
the most important thing is " i felt she also dont like to take my photo"
my ul said:" when i 1st went in, my word had make them unhappy"
but i dont remember i said something
except i said i dont like their clothes for client=70th century

Being blame by my ul..but i did release the angry to him
i so sorry about my sentence "dont ask me for this kind of thing again"
dear..sorry i know u'r angry and upset when i say so

pretty bad experience..maybe i never have this kind of photographer
anyway, can only said "too bad" He blame it as my fault
i'm a stuborn but i purposely stuborn..this is mny weakness

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