Saturday, September 26, 2009

1st portfolio shooting!(^.*)

yesterday was my 1st portfolio shooting
i feel awkard and nervous before the shoot start
comment from WISH:
U totally doesnt look any fierce and nervous during the shoot
U are confidence and natural
after the shoot, from Wish's comment,
-i need more practice in my leg pose bcz i awes care how to pose well on my leg
-i have to practice more in straight on my backbone
(I'm doing practice on straight my backbone and keeping my tummy even i writing my blog..wakaka)

Hope tomorrow i still can use my backbone
tomorrow will continue for shooting
i have alot to practice
hope i can do better than yesterday..hehe

**SmiLe AlwAys WitH mE**

WoW**I have So MucH**I nEEd to WORK On IT!!!
GO go GO


Michelle Tan Yi Shin said...

eh, need to share your photo and see how ler.. said...

i haven get my photo yet..
will share once i get it