Sunday, January 31, 2010

wanted to take a bath..
but i already taken before my dinner
wanted to take a rest
but i still sit in front of my laptop
wanted to study
but i close my book
wanted so many thing
but i have let go start from now

i will start my new simple life
the life i wanted so much since last year
but now i planning it for myself
start from today onwards
i need to study in the new lakeside campus
after class,Aurora is the place i have to go for work..
in the mean time
i decide to take a course for myself from my workplace
once weekly on tuesday
so tuesday will become a very busy and full day
i might not have time for break and relax
but it would be helpful for me in my time management
since i got no time to waste
then i will appreciate all my time by schedule it
morning class, during work time can do self-study
one hour relax on tuesday with my lovely dance

owh..........i have left out my Dear
he is so busy but i know he will miss me when he busy
so do i miss him as well...wanna hug him with my sleeping time
my dear eldest sister finally graduate..hope she got her job asap
therefore she can make her dream come true
but i still duno what is her dream and target
anyway, everyone have to make their own decision

Do something Xindyan.....
Think Big with reasonable!!!
dont separate ur heart anymore

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