Friday, December 5, 2008

can i believe ur promise ??

today i decide to write down my feeling and tension here..
normally i will write in friendster..

dis few weeks, i did something that going to hurt someone else in somewhere..
i awes avoid it happen in my life, and i dun wan to do so..
but sometime, u knw u cant and shdnt do that..but u still will do so..

in my heart, i awes ask myself can i believe him?will him do the same thing in future to me??
i have no idea, and i awes remember back that day who i love said break to me...
till nw, i still duno wat happen between me n him..tats y i still will awes remember him..
sometime i wil miss him badly..but i knw i shud look forwards..and dun stop..

so nw, i wana ask "U" can i believe whatever u promise me??
i need something make me feel stable..i dun wan same thing happen twice in my life..
if u c dis, mayb u will knw wat i want from u..

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