Tuesday, December 30, 2008

can i have wat i wan?but i dun wan b selfish..T.T

dis few day, i was so blur..and tension..
i awes think about him and hope he can stay beside me when i nid him..

my fren dated again..she was so happinese and lucky..
hope the guy can treat her well..dun disappointed her..

selfish is a bad thing, but every1 ask me do so..
i duno how to b selfish and i dun want to be..
is bad ...sometime i feel if i m selfish mayb i will feel better.
but when i tend to be, i feel bad and dun even step out.
haih...wat can i do??can i hav wat i wan without selfish??

i wan treat everyone nice,but it doesnt mean anything..
jz wanna be a gud person in my life...dun selfish oso cant??

TO A STUPID FELLOW,i jz wan b normal fren wif u..dun think too much..
it wasnt fun, and u make me mad, i won step in anymore...
i hate wat u did to me..so i won disturb u anymore..
never have this treatment..u reali a bastard!!

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