Thursday, December 18, 2008

everything is changing..

i just wan to find someone i can rely on him..
mayb everyone would need to meet with their another part in their life,
but it seems nt suitable me..

yesterday nite, i went to a blind charity in main campus..
me and my fren was so touch when we c our fren so much close wif their gal fren.
both of us just wana someone can love us forever and in peace..
but nt at this moment..

if i reali can have someone love, who will be the one??
i was tired with everything ,
now...i juz wan to rest..
i miss someone so much..but i dun think he will know..
everything seems go back to the beginning..
i shudnt b greedy and i muz live in wat i have ...
dun expect too get too much and jz be myself..
mayb no one in this world will love me..
but i juzt hope i won be hurt anymore..

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