Monday, May 25, 2009


Flirt is a good thing,it also a bad thing..
when u just know a guy/gal,flirt would be a good tool for get to know each other better...

this is the beginning of flirt...
guy:"wat u doin?"
gal:"doin nth lol"
guy:"reali?! i tot u will miss me?"
gal:"lol.. sure will miss u lol..but my brain just use for useful thing,not for miss anyone"
guy:"but i miss u everyday la..when can meet with u"
gal:"will c ya..i have no idea"
guy:"okay..but i reali wish to meet u."
gal:"haha..u better dun serious to me.."
guy:"hoho..i got someone in my heart de.."
gal:"better is true lol"

after more than one year...flirt 出祸
guy:"i like you, could we be together?"
gal:"i tot u got someone u like?"
guy:"....dun talk about it..i just wan to let u know my heart.."
gal:"thanks but u know we couldn't be..sorry"

someday..thing out of control..
guy:"whr u go?"
gal:"hang out with fren,why?"
guy:"why you din inform me?"
gal:"zzz...==lll why i should inform u?"
gal:"u know i never report to anyone and i dun like the way u have now."
guy:"but i tot we not tat simple"
gal:"we just that simple,i have who i like, and u should royal to ur galfren"

huhu!!!all out of control!!
flirt reali not a good things, if we over le..
wat can i do to stop this misunderstanding..
sei lol...stop contact?stop fren?
==lll...i just wan normal fren..mayb can be close..
but dun fall into each other..since i couldn't accept and handle this..
i dun wan be 3rd parties...if u both have problem, pls dun involve me..
i can be the person who listen to ur sad thing, caring u..
but we won be a couple.

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