Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hair show 09/05/2009

this is my second a hair show..
i very happy and still happy bcz i have knowing a lot of frenz in the hair show..they are mostly Acut above student...and sunway students..
all younger than me
and my coursemate have found his 'missing' bro...
we have put a lot effort and my hair stylist felt satisfy when she get done on my hair..she named cindy duan..
haha!!same name..different spelling..
i like to join these kind of hair show..
i could know alot of frens and learn alot from the show...
wow..we have quite special stages..
nick is the 1st model who walk out..he feel excited as well..
(want know more about him??)add him in facebook ba...
can find him through my facebook..haha..
very happy and tired..whole body tired
have to study for monday GBC..

greedy is not a good things..but i feel happy when i get all..
picture will upload soon in my facebook..
mostly with my new frens..will add them lata..

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raine said...

can know new frens good lor.. haha.. the catwalk is how de?? tell me eh.. when i got online..den we chat la.. XD this two days also got work ><
take k n nights.. (=