Sunday, May 31, 2009


this journey keep repeat within this few weekend..

i repeat three to four times within the same day
i dun have enuf time to spend..24hours per day
i spend 24 hrs..nt enuf sleep..but i still have to continue my journey..
i plan to spend my day with my grandpa..but i jz meet with him
not more than 24hrs..huhu..i hope my time can be more than 24hrs.

i dun wan to write much for this blog..bcz recently too much flirt stuff..
nt good to record down..i will regret after i flirt..haha
but my life is full of happening..
jz wtch icac with my fren..tmr whr to idea yet..
but sure will hv thing to do..when my fiancee wan watch terminator salvation??when my buffet shud arrange??
wednesday have dinner with eugene who i knw at quattro..
my dear darling..raine..haha..will bring her along..
i dun like deal with stranger..although we hav chat in msg n phone..
but for me, u all are strangers..and i always have many frens..
i knw them in a quite weird way..they are strangers in the beginning
den ended up..we very close..haha..i think this is why my life full of happening..

sorry..if u dun understand, jz ignore this blog..
bcz i just express my stress...

1 comment:

raine said...

hahahha.. wednesday.. can late a bit ma?? 8pm... >.<