Tuesday, May 12, 2009


every time blog must think about ^title^
duno what to put for my title

everything keep changing..
i should adopt it rather than stop there and prevent it..
seldom think about ^love^ ^fren^ ^result^
i seem like change to another personality in a very short period..
selfish i think involve in between, the most thing i dun wan
sometime i feel like i should just accept everything which happen in my life..dont avoid it, face on it, then fined..

ytd nite, i dream i meet with raine..we were enjoy our hang out..
will it reali happen??if reali..
why i din dream about my final??
swt la..==lll
i duno why this time i couldn't put any effort in my final..
FEd Up???dont know..
so many thing happen, but i just blaming and blaming..

i need a big shoulder
i love u all, can i have u all with me?
i love u, my fren, can i hug u again?
i love everything around me, could them dont leave me?
what can i do??i wan myself be peace ever..

i sleep at 3am ytd nite..i think to travel to taiwan
since the flight ticket so cheaper onli within 500 for two ways..
but my fiancee plan to go on sept..
i still having my internship..How??
cant so greedy..what can i do??
TAIWAN..SUNWAY..which wan better??
i wan ask all my fren go with me..
OMG..so many desert attract me..
GREEDY is not a good things in life,
it cause alot of fight and suffer..
i have very strong desire on everything..
should reduce it..haha!!


raine said...

so sorry ehh... cant go the photoshooting with u.. T.T
pls forgive me.. give u hugs~~ don disappointed with me.... =(

xin_d.blog said...

lol..nvm la..
dun sad la..
next time next time.!!