Thursday, June 4, 2009

17 again!!
just finished this movie with my housemate
i suppose to be at MoS dancing drinking flirting
but i ffk my fren bcz i dun wan to spoil their mood

i wish i could go back to the previous life like the movie
if i go back to previous, will everything happen the same?
like the movie, same game, same words, same decision?

unfairness this is my feel in the moment
blaming unhappy unlike hate
i dun like ppl suspense about me
if you dun wan or reject jz inform and tell me
i dun hope u blame me in future
i have did my resposiblity but you do not accept
so i cant do anything dun blame me
is nt my faults

i upset but i cant find one to talk
the one i wan to find
nw are far from thousand miles away in the sky
huhu...i need u..i will wait u back..
and tell u everything which i have felt today...
vivi..remember bring me a sovienent and gv me some time to talk to u
huhu.......i hate all this happen today..
make me nt in the mood to watch mv n clubbing...

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