Thursday, June 18, 2009

sore throat!!

huhu...i hate sore throat..arhhhh!! voice..cant eat..
this is my 1st feeling in this morning
someone can send me to clinic??
or i wan to cut out my throat?

drag me to hell= my sore throat
it make me feel like i'm in the hell
i watched this mv ytd
i found something very and dam funny
normally will oni happened in some mv o drama
but it happened in my life

i would like to tell this story in a sentense
"my underground lover catch my hand to close his eyes when the old ladies jump out in the store room"
waahhaa....usually is me catch ppl's hand to close my eyes..
but i think since ytd, will have him to borrow my hand to close his eyes
he was so nervous to protect his future galfren next time==ll
he was screaming when the old ladies come out..OMG
i oso scare but when i see him scream change to laugh..
haha...this underground lover reali a DAN XIAO GUI
anyone wan this guy??
he is can drop ur request(phone no) in my comment box
i will let him knw..wahaha..promotion for DAN XIAO GUI


raine said...

xindy arrr...don keep promoting him leh... haha.. by the way..why wan to scream when saw old ladies came out from store? == scary meh? said...

u go watch lo..
haha!!he need promotion..
all the guys said the mv is rubbish,but i think is bcz they scare!!

三股东 said...

What a 4star scary movie MET a nervous boy in cinema..
this movie is 2 thumbs up wht~ said...

haha..he scare, i oso cant do anything..