Monday, June 8, 2009

i have a dream;another turning point of my life

this is a delay post...i shud wrote it down on saturday morning..
i make a special dream..the same content but different time

the dream:
i was inside my parent's car, inside the car have my ex and my family member..i was so surprise when i dream of him..
however, this is also tell me that i will have other life again
when we seat inside the car and we have passed over a village..
erm..shud be a house which living full of ppl
a old man passed me a baby..i think the baby have jz few days big..
he was sleeping..but he open his eyes and look at me once..
i was so happy when i hug him, i look at my ex and i try to ask him something but he doesnt answer me
we reach a church, ppl is singing around and so cheerful..
i was hugging the baby and walk in..i try to follow after my ex
but i lost him when i stand infront the entrance..
everything is in happinese mode..

knock..knock ..knock..i have to wake up for preparing myself
i'm going times square for Jolin..
i spend almost 12 hours for her..when i back to home
there is already 10pm..i have to prepare for another round..
clubbing..i din rest n i din sleep for the whole night..
hanging around with a fren, kind tat crazy for me
****those stupid and crazy thing*****
i think better keep in my own mind...den enough..
hmmm...i will accept my new life..go ahead ba..
everything will be fined..

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raine said...

sry dear dear.. i was disappearing for so many days.. btw.. tell me abt it when i got online..alright? hehe.. so busy ehh.. ><