Thursday, April 30, 2009


different people will have different point of view
i just finish a conversation with my best friend
i know this is unfair to her to hear all the disatisfy about her bf.
her bf oso our best fren.haih...i dun like this conflict la..

fair is difficult to have amongst people..
before expect people do well, we must done our part 1st..
if u dint tell people, people wouldnt know what you have done..
mayb your privacy do not need to share with us
but groupwork..please la..
dun keep it..tell us...dun expect we ask from u
u r adult ady..and we wont ask you again n again

different people know different things..
what we understand and what you understand is different..
i dun hope conflict happen amongst us..
i just hope everything will be well..
i duno what gone wrong amongst us..
but it seem different than before ady..
if only me misunderstood then i will apologize..
but not only me i hope thing will settle down asap..
huhu...i cant study bcz of this la..
i hate conflict and misunderstood..

this just my personal feeling at the particular of time..

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