Tuesday, April 21, 2009


昨天 我测试了 我值得男人疼惜吗?
答案 我不值得 我还得疼男人 ==
thai said: " the ans very accurate.."
me: " why?"
thai:"bcz i let ppl feel im strong, i can do everything!"
me:" shuold i asked guy help even i know how to do?"
thai:"yes, den only can show i'm a gal.."
me:"huhu!!no one can help me la..who can i asked?"
me:" i also dun wan i can learn thing by just look at it la"
thai:" strong lo"
me:" == i also need help , i'm not really strong"
thai:"...u can de la.."

i dun wan like tat la..
wan simple normal gal..
stupid quiz..my fren asked me dun believe..
but thai-know me almoz 7years, he said so..
i wan cry in front of him but i wont cry in front of him..
never cry in front of him..onli best fren n boyfren..
no boyfren, and i cant simply cry in front of my fren..
they will scare and this is not suit me..haih..

want quit my study and work as stewardess..
travel around leaves here
think think should be ok..
haha..reali duno why cant study at home..
change environment..
should bcome tougher ..
dun think to much..
no relationship no conflict no passed no 'thing'
stupid 'thing' stay away from me...
dun awes come into my mind..
i dun like..go back to ur own world..stupid stupud..


raine said...

aiyo..don so emo leh...
stewardess.. good ar..high pay...
but..wait after u finish study laaa ><

xin_d.blog said...

duno why cant concentrate!!
now i keep change my rest place around my frens house..
hahah..and try to make fun of pple..

raine said...

why keep chg rest place?? n u many days no online le lor... ><><

Anonymous said...

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