Friday, April 3, 2009

happy day!!

this will be the 1st blog without emo..i think to start?start with yesterday la..
i found tat i been fooled by my ex..==
i reali duno how to comment on this ..i reali stupid la..
april fool..i still believe him..make all my frens laugh on me lol..
but nvm lol..i 4give u..

my little cousin was born few days ago..
lol..i so happy..i wan hug her..
she is uncle 1st child..hope they can enjoy their happinese..
lol..hyper happy with this little gal come to my family..
i will love u..i love baby...and my uncle love me so i will be ur sister..forever..n u baby..

this evening, me, vivi, michelle, and wei jie went to watch confession of
totally can represent indulgence spending in usa..and credit card make ppl in worse situation..
me, vivi, and michelle come out a conclusion..
three of us cannot have credit card...even one also CANNOT!!!
is a SERIOUS problem lol...
huhu!!i reali like to but shoes..three of us oso the same..and dresses
wei jie said: "no credit card for michelle"
poor michelle..but is good oso...dun wan have debts crisis..

haha..i have to control oso..nt good to indeulgence spending..
we have ate a GIANT yankee burger..
lol.. serve for 4 persons ..reali huge for me..
michelle remember upload the pictures... everyone the huge burger..
i like it..but vivi din finish..waste lol..haha..she ended up with hungry when back home..

sleepy and tired..din do homework yet..need work lol..dun lazy..
lifecanbecomplicated, but i will enjoyed my life..

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