Thursday, April 30, 2009

study week!!

study study study!!
too busy and full of planning within this two weeks..
too greedy adi..too many stuff have to do..

going crazy soon.. show..interview..
yaya..i have to go for interview in sunway..
internsip lucky can get the interview..
then i can spend my time with fren and stay at KL..

exam please pass in a second..let me take a long break..
clubing ...i want to go with my fren..i have promise a few of them..
but i was too busy within this two months..
sorry for choice la..
study and work is more important.
TIME oso very important la!!who ask all of us free in different timing..

this is the plan after exam:
20/5 after 6pm..yaya..mongolia steambot>sing K>till midnite
21/5 watch movie(korea mv)wakaka>shopping-for my work>drama-ing(non-stop)
22/5 sleep wholeday...wahaha...kacau my fiancee--thaithai..u die la..
23/5 prepare for my LAN hope fast fast finish these two subjects...

then i can go for!!
after tat have to fight for my career..hope i can achieve the target.then i can go taiwan next year
with FREE...and bring my mom along...
BOSS u prepare your MONEY la>>>

huhhuhuhu!!fast fast pass this suffer month la..
GAMBATEH xindy!!!fighting!!

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