Thursday, April 16, 2009

Have a new start for my studies n life!!

today me and my frenzzz-total 9 ppl
we went to sakae sushi...we got profit lol..
eat more than we paid...
haha...reali have a good experience..

i promise my fren become her model on 9may2009
the show will held at sunway..the title is NATURAL
what is NATURAL??
what will be my hair style on that day?
and will change my hair style after that day...==''

need a guy model for my frenzz..
duno who can i asked for..
bcz no payment for the show
but can have fun...
anyone interest??

i wear spec today..but with my contact lense...
my eyes keep alergic ...wat happen leh??
i cant c anything if no lense==!!

watched a movie with ejae..shinjiku==
so cruel...==""T.T
cut some part somemore.. left 3weeks only..
is time to study hard and smart..
I know u can do it ..


豆豆 said...

yeong thai lo ....

raine said...

gambatei my fren =)
hang out after ur final.. hoho said...

[RAINE]must hang out with u after final..i reali..==''

[doudou]why thai??