Tuesday, March 31, 2009

april fool coming!!

1/4/2009 12:05am
haihzzz...soemone just break my record..zzz
sorry to hurt u..
who ask u are the 2nd ppl who confess to me at april fool in my life..
sorry la...i really dont want...not the time nw..
hmn...you will find a better one..
friendship forever!!!

tomoro is April fool..such a meaningful day for me.
i still remember u, cheap pig..
whr u??uk??u are the one who come into my mind..
haha..never forget the memories you give me since my form 4 april fool.
i think no one will confess on april fool and keep ask for trust..
i trust u..but sorry..i always make u sad..
although there are many time and many years you always come to me
walk with me every evening, come to find me before and after your tuision class..all is good and sweet memory for me..thks..

whr u?i miss u so much..hope u been well in apart of the world.
i have tried to contact you, but i duno whr to find u..
hope you remember our friendship.
anyway, if u read this, just give me a reply..
friendship 4ever..

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