Saturday, March 21, 2009

hey! problem stay away from me!!

today i spend whole day with my coursemate for gbc..
but i cant concentrate, bcz of my family members..
i receive alot called from them,
i reali out of mind.. duno what can i do on it?
problem keep come to me..luckily i'm single nw..
if nt, my bf sure veri charm..

i duno wat to do with my family members,
i feel apologize to my dear coursemate..
he let me sori..
but i have no choice..they give me too much pressure adi.
whole day..even i come back at nite..
my dear aunt still give me the called to ask me how?
i adi know she will call, but too late, i tot she will call early..
my uncle dont dare bring me to jb,
he reali scare of me, when i angry ( i think)
i'm not the eldest..
but i have to bear all the responsibility.
sometime i wan to disappear like no body business,
but i know i cant..
izzit everyone have same problem as me??
mayb yea, i think no one will like problem..

i'm nt fierce, but i like o scare ppl..
if i reali angry, no one dare to close to me...
emo-ing for whole day==

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