Monday, March 23, 2009

love is strong enough to make dream come true

The reader..i wrote this after i finished this mv..
he is everything..but her..
he will do everything for the gal..
he read the stories for her,record it..
although this action not a big deal..
but it come out with love..
he complete everything with love..
sometime, you might lie or hurt your love..
but you do not need to buy a gift to apologize,
what you need is just a word 'sorry'..said it with your heart

she will feel it..and this is the most touch in the world.
whatever you spoke, please spoke with your heart..
love is simple and blind!
no one is wrong in love, no one is strong in love,
because love come with two people
if you are alone, u will never feel love..
love must at least two..better don more than two..
is a bit complicated..haha..
hope you are in love..


豆豆公主 said...

who is "he"le ??new target ? said...

lolzz..i dun have time to find new target..but i hope i can find one..