Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i have a bad morning!!

heavy rain...this morning
i was wet when i reach college
my mood just like the rain
i cried..and i hide

i receive a called from my aunt..about my sister again..
i reali duno wat can i do
but i cant run away from this
i need help, someone encourage me
help me out from this pressure

i think i was change as my aunt said..become a egotism,m i?
i have no idea,i change till i din realize
i feel upset..i wana cry but i dun have a shoulder..
i have to be strong..dun cry anymore..
and i have to change my attitude..i shud care more about ppl around me
dun hurt ppl..i might not worth for a heart's coming..
but i will give my heart to ppl..
i shudnt live alone..this make me lost myself..
i need a roomate..a roomate who can listen to me
and we can share everything,like shuqinzz, my best fren.
but she nw at kampar..==

but i think i can find a roomate next year..
shud be fun..like when i was secondary..
contract will stop at sept..but i have no idea what goin to happen..
so dun wori about it 1st..after blog it ..i feel better liao..
i hope i can face everything easily..
i think mayb i shud pray more with my heart.
if not, why problem awes happen?haha..

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