Saturday, March 7, 2009

time management is important!!

i missed the bus to back my hometown..
i woke up late,but i woke up at bus is 12pm.
izzit serendipity that i should stay at kl this weekend?
i wasted my money, the ticket cost me rm26.
i can do alot of thing with this money.

today, my fren joint the modelling audition,
she finally quit..but she said she goin to join astro singing competition..
i support u..gambateh..

a silly things happen..heavy raining at timesquare..
normally is ppl get to fall down..but today my ice cream fall down..
sad world class chocolate leh!!
i only have half..huhu..poor ice cream..

i want add my friend in my blog..but i duno how to do ?
can someone help me?i reali idiot with this kind of things.
help me help me..

1 comment:

raine said...

go click "customize".. den "add gadgets".. choose "xxxx link"..forgot wat name liao...xD
den copy fren's link.. n fren's name below it... den click save.. done~~~!