Monday, March 2, 2009

a different day!

today is a different day for me.
i having a different feeling in my heart,
izzit maybe i found out that i shouldnt rely on someone too much?
i feel much of freedom in my heart.
sometime i will feel upset when i imagine the pic that u with another gal,
but today i didnt feel upset anymore,i think i starting to accept everything happened in my life already. i dont know is good o bad.
but for me, this is a new experience.
something changing, something come in my life,something leaves me without notice. everything keep moving without waiting for me.
therefore, i dont think i should waiting and waste my life.

this is a good make me feel flying..hehe..
i should have a new life, without u, i still can live out my own life.
i dont know why we break?mayb this will always remind me when someone come after me, i think i'm not good enough for u,bcz no one is perfect.i hope i can help those gals who had the same problem with me..
cheer up!!we should live in wonderful!!
gals who have her own style is worth to get a MR.Right's love.

why i attract you b4?why u give up in the end?
why you dont appreciate me?why i not good enough?
why i want to live in bad bcz of u?
will you break my heart?
although not directly hurt me..

alot of 'why?' in my mind..
but i already starting to accept question without answer..
love is like that..not neccessary must get each other.
if you really love someone, happiness is what you want to give.

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