Saturday, February 20, 2010


yes..i'm working now..

at the mean time, i was wonder how i'm going to pass this 8th day of chinese new year

i came back kl so early just bcz i need to work

luckily my dear accompany me yesterday night

although he left at midnight bcz of his family non stop calling

since when guy become cinderella?

i miss him so much..and tonight i'm gonna be alone

he has to celeb at home with his so called ''big'' family...

huhu...miss him so much.. pity me

yesterday he told me his following schedule affter CNY


he going work at sabah or sarawak for his network purpose

yea..he going to have his own business and assets

but he lost his time with me...

i agreed he should work hard for his career

although he will buy me luxury things to clear my blaming

but the most luxury thing i want from him is time

hope he can spend some time with me

next year, i'm going to graduate

time to spend with each other will getting less and less choice to accept the destiny

hope my temperature wont go up and down like the share market

dear..i do appreciate you spend your time with me yesterday

i can feel your unwillingness when you leaving

want to say 'i love you' but this is too much than my feeling

so i would like to say between love and like..hehe

so mean..

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