Saturday, July 11, 2009

1st time's 4 mths holiday!!

today is 11/7/2009
happy birthday to ejae!!
sorry cant celebrate for you

this mth is 2nd mth holiday le..wat had happen and still happening leh?
i clubbed alot last mth..this mth stop club le..although hav many frenz invite me..
but i wana b a good gal!!
dun hv a good health..will take a body check this end of mth
he worry me..sorry to make u worry..i will take good care of myself

today my UL gone back to hometown..miss him la..
although i jz met him ytd nite n this morning to kiss u in every moment.. to hear from u..why?what are u thinking??
like a kid asked alot..
haha..bkful when drive..i will worry and miss u awes
muakzzz~~this is 2nd mth le..


- *- 豆豆当女生 -* - said...

even we been noe each other so long ,but i dunno which guy u r saying!
hahahahaha ~~dun confuse me la !
wirte clearly~~~ said...

lol~~my dear..u onli nw ur sweetheart who awes sit beside u onli la..never care of me oso..
currently trying to be in a nw i wana tell u, i starting let go le la..

- *- 豆豆当女生 -* - said...

u sure o ?
yalo~my dear is too good d (for me)!

raine said...

hmm... my xindy darling start to let go le.. i m glad to hear that... =D
enjoy ur relationship with "him" =) said...

lol~~i duno whether i letting go o nt..jz enjoy my life with him onli~~