Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hospital day

i have no idea to write down this post
because my body still in blur condition
i have started vomit from last midnite untill ytd nite
i went for the clinic,the doct cant get to know wat happen with me
she wrote a letter for sent me to emergency unit
when i been there, OMG!!!
i wait for 3 hrs den onli can get to c the doct
the doct was a person who dont care about cleanly..i think so..
he scratch his foot then without washing his hand..OMG~~
luckily he din touch me..if not i will vomit in front of him..
he cant gva result on my illness
i been sent to observation room for 3hrs again
my dear uncle was waiting me for more than 6 hrs outside the hospital

after me, a patient was being sent in and she was being observe also
but she being suspense "having H1N1"
i was thinking: if i'm healthy, then will i get this illness lata??
luckily i can gone back home..
but today i still feel blur and no energy..
i still got alot of medicine need to eat by after every meal..
i cant parent keep asked me back home.
stop work for this few days~~
i haven consider yet..
my dear UL get fodd poisoning..i feel sorry bout him..
my dear, sorry yea~~
next time won bring u to jogoya le..
hope u recovery soon..
this is wat i want to do for u nw**:)**
i still haven decide whether to back hometown
if i dun back will take care of u for this few days
but i scare lata u have to take care of me
haha...nurse said my body lack of oxygen
so will easy to faint to be easy for u
i knw u will prefer nt need to take care of me

alone at my uncle hs now..
i'm so boring and miss u
but u haven reply my msg
i think u reali sick and charm...
huhu~~miss u la..worry bout u oso..
take good care of urself la
i also need my uncle to take care of me
we will meet each other soonly..muakzxx

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