Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life is GREAT~~

i having my great life now
doesnt come out with trouble
but today...i receive few mails and msg which get me in trouble..
****i dun wan mention the trouble****
i reali dun like it..

since i having my life and my life doesnt involve u all..
so dun come and mess up..
i dun understand who are the one so free to destroy ppl's relationship
who are u?U this b*stard~~STOP involve mE~
STOP destroy relationship~~
STOP interrupt my life anymore!!!

i dun have time to due with u~~~
if u wana play game ..show me who r u~~u this noob~~useless!!


- *- 豆豆当女生 -* - said...

??????wat s tat?

raine said...

aiyor.. jz let go ba.. don care too much of wat ppl say.. those bastard memang tat lame..

- *- 豆豆当女生 -* - said...

i agree with what raine said~~~