Friday, December 11, 2009

21st bday!!

today was so surprisingly..
i never expect this will happened on me..

happy birthday to myself!!i'm age 21 ..wohooo...
i dont want to mention the years doesnt sound good to me

In the 20hours++ ago...
i was finished sending my UL out of my house..
then i went for a bath bcz i'm gonna hanged out with my group of frenz..
when i step out from my bath room..OMG!!my room was locked..huhu!!!
when i was thinking to get the spare key, the door OPEN!!OMG!!
then.....Happy bday song was singing by VIVI, BING,LIN,RACHEL,n CHIAT..
OMG!!i have nth inside and the pics was taken by them clip as well...
it was so surprise for me..i cant take it...i need to calm down for a minute...

here i want to thanks all of you...bcz of u all, i having such a good and memorable bday!!
i love you all..and the whole day you all had spent with me..i'm totally in love to u all...

10am..i woke up so early jz bcz i cant sleep well
too excited or too disappointed..
UL cant accompany me till afternoon..i was thought he will find me at 3pm..
so i decide meet with munmun
how i knw....he suddenly find me at 130pm
mun mun, me and him...we went for lunch and Timesquare..
i was so emotional...bcz i dont know what i want...
he have no bday present for me bcz he dont knw what to buy.
no shoes, no wallet, no watch.."he is a spiritual person"...
he keep asked me what i want...but i really want he think simple and easy to make me happy
we spent (waste) time till 7pm sth...i was so sleepy..
we went back each other home..
i can only rest one hour...bcz me n UL will sing k at 10 pm..

totally spent within 500...omg..!!
i will prefer jz me n him go eat korean bbq then watch a mv ...
that all..
i dont want to spend so much in my bday..!
although all paid by him...(T.T)

we woke up at 3pm...omg..we sleep whole day...
i feel wind wind in my head..
this is not a good day..bcz i have no idea..what is in my mind...
emo emo emoo..
izzit period near by?
huhu..i awes emo when the date coming..
its doesnt mean good, bcz i will screw ppl when i m emo-ing..

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