Thursday, December 17, 2009

love is the most worthy in life!

today i went for the princess and the frog..
this movie is different than normal and traditional fairy tale story
normal fairy tale give everyone a dream and make you expect irrealisticly..
however not for this fairy tale story
this movie showed the reality and the desire of a human can make them 4got about the most important thing in their life..which is love..

nowadays everyone will just go for their expected life
therefore they leave love away from them
but if they never recover the most important 'love' in their life
even they have been successful, they will not feel the maximum happinese

so this movie telling us that no matter how successful we are
without love you are alone
no matter how rich you are
without your love you will never feel the most happinese in your life

**dont 4get to find your love