Thursday, December 24, 2009

x'mas is coming..countdown by hourly...left about 7hr++
yohooo....everything goes as well as my ul
for me, i need money money money...$$$$
have to earn some money before next semester
for tuition fees...for formal clothes...for prepare my phone funeral
my phone getting insane recently...sometime good sometime bad...
to avoid i will live without phone..i better prepare some money for my phone funeral
i know is nt that good because my phone still alive..but my phone ady services me for 5 yrs lol..
if it wana break and retirement..i cant do anything ady..
somemore it is a limited edition for current..

today morning, i went to college..although nt many student, but i can still feel the x'mas and holiday mood..wohoooo!!!
everyone greeting to everyone!!!so peaceful...i love this scene

opsssshhh!!!stomachache...this is the 2nd day liao...once i ate then i have to run toilet for 2-3times...yarkss!!!i should stop typing this ugly stuff ..
anyway!!!merry x'mas to everyone!!

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